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James Matthews

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James Edward Matthews was born in 1943.

James insatiable thirst for music began at an early age of 4.

It all began with James grandmother giving him permission to cross the streets to listen to the Marching band in the school yard at St. Malachy where he attended Kindergarten.

Born in Gloster, MS near Camp Van Dorn where his father was drafted in the military. It’s no question why the love for music was in James’s DNA as James’ mother built a house in Greenville, MS., she also opened a Night Club called “Club Desire” where Milton Campbell, “Little Milton” & Oliver Sain’s father were house band members.

James would later meet Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters and Ike & Tina Turner.

James journey involved him being around some of the great musicians early in life.

When James was about 15 years old his mom became the babysitter for Ike & Tina’s children

(Craig, Ronnie Boo & Ike Jr.) She also baby sat Tina’s sister child Jackie.

 James studied at Chicago’s Cosmopolitan School of Music after high school.

Then after college he moved to San Francisco, California.

James later released his first of two singles ‘Crossing the Baha’.

 His last single followed shortly after ‘Ironstein’ under the name James Matthews Quartet.

After returning to St. Louis James worked as a touring musician for

Albert “Blue Boy” King, Eddie Fisher, Percy James & Albert St. James of Quartet Tre’s Bien.

James notoriety put him in position to meet some of the legends like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Grover Washington Jr. just to name a few.

Later Holland-Dozier-Holland out of Detroit, MI offered James a recording contract, but the contract was turned down due to James choosing to fulfil a spiritual path.

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